An Khmurenko

Anna is a professional cryptocurrency investor, business and mutual fund analyst. In this resource he publishes the most important articles from the above areas of activity.

Systems Development Life Cycle

Each project has its own level of complexity in planning and execution, and often within an organization, project managers employ numerous SDLC methods. Even when an enterprise utilizes the same methods, different project tools and techniques can dif... Read more

Information And Data Management

Information contains context, whereas data, literally, just includes entries. Information can contain data with different contents and formats and be the same thing. Digging deeper, the Latin root of the word “data” means “something... Read more

Steps In The System Development Life Cycle

Reasons are given for the selection and additional questions are asked, if necessary. This exercise gives the students a real-world look at application software through the lens of the SDLC. Of the approximately 25 users, half were trained the first ... Read more

6 Signs You Aren’t Meant To Be A Programmer

This is a key ingredient for success to ensure candidates align with your business strategy and for them to thrive in the specific business atmosphere. Have no fear or qualms about testing your future programmer. Testing their coding is vital to have... Read more