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How to use Fibonacci to set Stop Loss

Fibonacci levels are one of the most universal and common tools that beginners and experienced traders actively use in their work in the Forex and other markets. It is well known that the market price tends to gravitate to levels where the largest vo... Read more

Fibonacci Retracement Definition & how to use

The Fibonacci retracement sequence was well known in ancient India, where versification was used. XII century Leonardo of Pisa, better known by the pseudonym Fibonacci. Fibonacci retracement, in addition to the other three mathematical problems, stud... Read more

Moving Average Strategies for Forex

The Moving Average indicator shows traders valuable information on the price changes for stocks, commodities, and other assets. We have spoken about it before in our previous article What is Moving Average indicator.... Read more

What is a moving average indicator and why are they needed

Современная торговля все больше опирается на компьютеры, надежные каналы связи и сложные математические алгоритмы, и кажется, что классические торговые стратегии навсегда ушли в прошлое. Но, как вы знаете, новое - это хорошо забытое старое, и использ... Read more

The concept of pivot points strategies

Pivot Points is a veteran of technical analysis since a mathematical scientist developed the scientific platform in the first half of the 20th century! The creator of the reference point method is the American mathematician Henry Сhase. This method w... Read more