10 Best Node Js Image Manipulation Libraries In 2021



NPP will evolve over time to encompass more of the compute heavy tasks in a variety of problem domains. The NPP library is written to maximize flexibility, while maintaining high performance. This is a Lua binding for the libvips image processing library. Libvips is a fast image processing library with low memory needs. The libvips documentation includes a handy searchable table of every operation in libvips. This is a good place to check if it supports some feature you need.

10 best node js image manipulation libraries in 2021

A GUI library to build custom user interfaces for desktop and android mode. A Processing library to create, modify and display Octree structures. This library provides a renderer to project 3D scenes on a full dome. NyARToolkit for proce55ing is front-end of NyARToolkit for Java. A gaming library that enables easy 2D game creation within Processing. A library and set of examples for 2D physics simulation wrapping some aspects of JBox2D, a Java implementation ofBox2D. This project is deprecated and will soon no longer be available.


LEADTOOLS provides more than 200 image processing functions in several categories, including document cleanup, medical image enhancement, color conversion and correction, noise reduction, and edge detection. Matplotlib, along with visualization, can be used for manipulating images. The library uses Pillow library to load images data and can handle float32 and uint8, but is limited to uint8 for PNG files. While working with Matplotlib, you can use plt.imshow() to display the NumPy array representation of images. Matplotlib allows you to apply pseudocolor, display color scale reference, perform interpolation, and more. If you want to do basic image processing, then Matplotlib can come in handy while getting started with image analysis.

Pycairo is a set of Python bindings for the Cairo graphics library. Cairo is a 2D graphics library for drawing vector graphics. Vector graphics are interesting because they don’t lose clarity when resized or transformed.

Consequently, being proficient with image processing libraries can differentiate you in the market. Mahotas is a computer vision and image processing library and includes many algorithms that are built using C++. Currently, it has more than 100 + functions for image processing like a watershed, convex points calculation, thresholding, convolution e.t.c. Mahotas is an open-source library for computer vision in Python, which handles all the image data types. Similar to scikit-image, Mohotas also represents images as NumPy array structures.

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With Mohotas image processing library, you can expect speed as it is implemented in C++. With Mohotas, you can use over 100 functions for image processing and computer vision. OpenCV is arguably the best image processing library in the world due to its wide range of use cases in computer vision. Written in C++ and C programming, OpenCV delivers the necessary speed for real-time computer vision.

SciPy is another of Python’s core scientific modules and can be used for basic image manipulation and processing tasks. In particular, the submodule scipy.ndimage (in SciPy v1.1.0) provides functions operating on n-dimensional NumPy arrays. The package currently includes functions for linear and non-linear filtering, binary morphology, B-spline interpolation, and object measurements. Thanks for reading this article on python libraries for image processing and for your patience. Share this article, it will give me the motivation to write more blogs for the data science community.

If suitable versions are found, libvips will add support for the following libraries automatically. See ./configure –help for a set of flags to control library detection. Packages are generally found with pkg-config, so make sure that is working. Join the scientists and engineers in medical, industrial, and research environments who rely upon EPIX® imaging solutions. The PXIPL Library is compatible with all of the hardware and software environments supported by the XCLIB, 4MOBJ, and SVOBJ libraries. PXIPL routines operate directly upon imaging board buffers, upon images in PC memory, or upon images stored on disk. Lena.js can be described as a very simple, yet nice and neat image redactor and processor.

  • Since scikit-image represents images as NumPy arrays, you should be familiar with the NumPy library.
  • SimpleITK is written in C++, but it’s available for a large number of programming languages including Python.
  • Cairo is a 2D graphics library for drawing vector graphics.
  • Mahotas’ library is fast with minimalistic code and even minimum dependencies.
  • Today’s world is full of data, and images form a significant part of this data.

This library can be used to analyze the raw data of the Wooting keyboard. Processing client library for the OOCSI design middleware and Data Foundry access. Fast and easy to use utility for simulating color blindness or performing daltonization.

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Spectrum is a cross-platform image transcoding library that can easily be integrated into an Android or iOS project to efficiently perform common image operations. A stand-alone library for adding GPU acceleration to an application with minimal effort. Using this route allows developers to add GPU acceleration to their applications in a matter of hours. Scrimage builds on the metadata-extractor project to provide the ability to read metadata from an image.

10 best node js image manipulation libraries in 2021

PIL is a free library for the Python programming language that adds support for opening, manipulating, and saving many different image file formats. However, its development has stagnated, with its last release in 2009.

They need to do the significant work before the pleasant part starts. PXIPL is optionally provided with, and must be used with, the 4MOBJ, SVOBJ, XCLIB, version with which it is packaged. PXIPL routines require the presence of a supported imaging board. Be the first to know the latest updates on our templates and all the recent trends in web & mobile javascript development.

But the nicest thing about this JSIML is the ability to set the aspect ratio on the picture and crop accordingly. At Computer konkret AG we develop user-friendly, efficient and reliable billing and diagnostics software for dentist and orthodontist practices of all sizes. For years we have relied on LEADTOOLS for image presentation, processing, and the ability to import data in various formats and from various devices. This is essential for our users to efficiently access images and diagnostic data every day. LEADTOOLS meets all of our requirements for functionality, continuity, and stability. Together with UNIRENT, we solve customer problems quickly and directly.

10 best node js image manipulation libraries in 2021

I have been using OpenCV C++ for 3 weeks now, the API is way better than C API. OpenCV is more stable, and community has grown. And there are lots of ready to use advanced algorithms in OpenCV. Browse other questions tagged java image-processing opencv or ask your own question. Unless you want him to build jni wrappers for “all” opencv functions, that is not very helpful.


Many functions internally identify special cases, invoking code optimized for each special case. The N×N convolution, for example, examines the coefficients provided and selects custom routines depending upon the size of N, the multiplication and summation precision needed, and whether division is required. A unique entree of this list, as Merge Images doesn’t crop or skew or rotate the images. We hope, you’ve already guessed what this one does – it merges the given images onto one canvas, ridding you of the need to transform them into code and working on a canvas .

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