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You can use Refersion to find and recruit the best affiliates by creating a self-registration page that you can add to your website. It also comes with an eCommerce Affiliate Discovery feature that lets you expand your affiliate networks and makes it more convenient for you to find and recruit the best affiliates. An affiliate manager should be user-friendly and easy for end-users to use. It should also be customizable for various needs and provide you with advanced functionality when needed. If you are just starting out with affiliate management and have a couple of affiliates to watch over, managing everything manually isn’t much of a problem. Your workload would increase tenfold, and there’s a risk you would miss something important.

From my experience and research, this is the best affiliate management tracking tool for businesses. It has been helping online businesses for years, to help keep track of leads, manage commission payouts, and a bunch of other pretty stuff. In this post, I will be reviewing the 13 best affiliate management software platforms.


In which your affiliate partner will add a preferred Payment option depending upon the settings made by Merchant. In the commission payment settings, in case if you don’t want to offer recurring commission then you can leave the second option blank which is “Commission For Recurring Payments”. As it will calculate the affiliate commissions to the threshold date. Then just save the changes and you have completed the basic setup of the affiliate management system.

  • The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.
  • After some days the same visitor directly opens your website and complete the purchase.
  • They might partner with other third-party sellers to recommend that product on their online platforms.
  • Businesses have to handle several processes, such as tracking sales conversions, following up with leads, and managing commissions.
  • Using the best option for your brand, marketing methods, and the people who you will be partnering with can make or break your campaign and the success of your business.
  • Mark as Unpaid – If you apply this action the status “No” will be displayed in the Is paid column and the payout date will be filled automatically.

So now Pabbly Subscriptions has an integrated affiliate management system which will help to grow the businessof the merchants. It also has a built-in affiliate training program to help affiliates get started with creating affiliate marketing campaigns on the various affiliate networks that they are signed up in. The iDevAffiliate platform is the perfect solution for most of your referral marketing needs. It offers everything from affiliate management solutions to SEO, SEM and more.

#10. PayKickstart

However, that would mean that you need to go through a lengthy recruitment process to find a good accountant. Moreover, this means additional costs for your business such as a regular salary, benefits, taxes, office supplies, and so on. A good affiliate management system contains several tools that can alert you to any suspicious activity on your affiliate website and prevent the majority of them from harming your affiliate business. First, affiliate marketing can help companies get noticed by their target audience. Since companies reach out to affiliates from either the same or fairly similar industries, the chances of their followers being interested in the promoted products or services are significantly higher. Ensure you do your research well in terms of which affiliate marketing management software is right for you.

One of its biggest advantages is it gives you an option to track leads using tracking links. Doing so provides you with unique, specific data which you can use for strategizing future marketing campaigns. Affiliate management programs automatically calculate commissions and let you pay affiliates through integrations with popular payment systems. One of the top reasons behind the rise of affiliate management programs is the low start-up cost involved in running them. Instead of buying ad space or having an advertising team, affiliates do the work of marketing your brand on their platforms. Also, you only pay them when they bring in sales, which lowers the risk of financial loss.

To know if your affiliate manager is good, type your brand + coupons in Google or Bing. If the sites showing up are active affiliates, you probably have a bad manager or someone in the department who is giving them bad advice. If you have questions about this, use my contact form and I can help you determine if you have this issue and help you fix it.

However, only the Enterprise and Custom plans include Scaleo’s lead management add-on. This feature collects lead information from your landing page, which is passed on to your database of leads. Your affiliates can refer to this for future offers and remarketing.

After that the second method is “Manual” – If you want to generate reports manually for a specific date then you can select this method. Here, you need to choose your preferred payout date on which you need to run this report. And then just hit the “Run Report” button in order to generate the report manually. Report Generation Date – Choose a day of the month when the payout is generated.

Easy Integration

Mark as Paid – If you apply this action then status “Yes” will be displayed in the Is paid column and the payout date will be filled automatically. In this section, you will also find a drop-down option that has different actions Like Mark as Paid, Mark as Unpaid, PayNow. You can first select any affiliate or all the affiliate from the checkbox given on the left side and apply the following actions. The affiliate commission does not get tracked for a particular purchase due to some reason. In the commission section, you will also find other options named “Void” and “Self Purchase Tag”. This section will be automatically filled once you make payouts.

Rewardful also provides its users with an affiliate search engine called the Affiliate Finder which crawls the web rather than simply pulling affiliate information from a marketplace database. Clients can discover partners ranking high for specific keywords on search engine results pages, find contact information, and quickly build outreach lists. With its innovative approach to partner marketing, Grovia has grown to be one of the leading companies in this niche. According to the company, they believe in making advertising enjoyable again for marketers.

You can charge affiliates, vendors, or both, or disable for all. Choose a well-known platform, has been around for a while and that can lend your brand some of its legitimacy and the trust and familiarity of a well-known and respected platform. This means affiliates will more readily partner with a program that uses software they are familiar with and trust. Tune is a powerful Software as a Service platform specializing in partner marketing services designed for both web and mobile platforms.


Pay Now – If you manually want to pay the commission to your affiliate partner then you can use this action. When you apply this action then the commission amount will be automatically deducted from your PayPal account and delivered to the chosen payment option of the affiliate partner. With Ambassador, you can identify, enroll, track, reward, manage customers, affiliates, influencers, employees, and partners. Never actually knew that I could also use the platform to manage an affiliate program. It is a powerful affiliate marketing suite with everything from account management, affiliate creatives, and landing pages to campaign reports. It also has a reporting system that generates graphs so affiliate managers can see the success of each affiliate’s campaign over time.

affiliate management system

The thing is – an awesome affiliate management software shouldn’t take you time to set up. PayKickstart has several amazing options as a checkout tool and a marketing platform for tracking and managing your army of affiliates. FirstPromoter is one of the most popular affiliate management software in this space and mostly geared towards SaaS businesses. With unique UI, it comes with dozens of affiliate-friendly features and seamlessly integrates with lots of other online marketing tools and payment gateways.

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Management Software

Second is “Cookie Lifetime” – Suppose any visitor comes to your website via a unique affiliate link but didn’t purchase anything. After some days the same visitor directly opens your website and complete the purchase. Then also the commission will be generated for the person whose affiliate link is used some days back. You can add this URL to your website and get sign up for customers who want to become an affiliate. It has the power of functionality of paid script, easy installation and management, customizable, and expendability.


After saving the changes, your newly added commission record should now appear under the “Commissions” section with a “Manual” tag. We have also implemented one of the most demanding features i.e, Add Manual Commission or Manually Assign Commissions. From second drop down you can either select all products or any particular product. From the first drop-down you can select All affiliate or any particular affiliated partner you want to select. To ease the work and reduce the manual efforts we have added an advanced filter that will help you to find what you are looking for within a sec.

The Platinum suite plan costs $297/mo where you get access to the affiliate system. Each of the plans gets unlimited affiliates and visits, starting from $89/mo. Just like Thrivecart, PayKickStart also serves as a dedicated shopping cart solution for online vendors. This software starts at $39/mo (cloud-hosted) and the self-hosted plan starts at a $199 one-time fee. But It’s pretty basic compared to advanced options like Post Affiliate Pro, Thrivecart and PartnerStack.

Find the best Affiliate Software

My mission is to equip and arm you with the precise marketing tools, resources, strategies, and tactics to help you make IMPACT, SERVE more and EXPLODE your income so you can live life on your own terms. Choose one that offers everything you require and your digital marketing business will run smoothly. It is easy to use, integrates with lots of applications, customizable looks, and great customer support . It’s inbuilt affiliate platform is always buggy and inconsistent. A lot of customers have complained and left to other affiliate systems.

A JV affiliate has a network of affiliates joining Kartra under your name. You can choose from its several commission models, such as fixed-amount or percentage-based commissions, one-time or recurring commissions, and so on. Both you and your affiliate get an e-mail notification when the latter earns a commission.

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