Is Trading212 a Reliable Brokerage Firm?

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Preliminary findings have rendered a positive image for Trading212, with most of the testimonies owing their opinion to safe trading conditions through its regulation, the provision of numerous assets, noteworthy leverage, and extensive reach across the globe.


The review team had spent months with Trading212 to perform an exhaustive test of all its offers and services. The review team had focused on the following facets to render its assessment of the firm:


  1. The regulatory body that sanctions all of Trading212’s trading activities
  2. The assets that Trading212 gives its clients access to
  3. The trading accounts available through the firm
  4. The trading platforms that Trading212 offers
  5. The fees that the firm charges for its services 

Trading212 Review

About Trading212


Trading212 was formerly known as Avus Capital and founded in Bulgaria. It went on to be incorporated in the United Kingdom in 2013. 


Specializing in securities, Trading212 is making waves in the online trading community with a promising offering of numerous of Forex pairs and an impressive range of cryptocurrencies.


Their clients across the globe had found security through its regulation by financial authority. In the United Kingdom, the Trading212 is being sanctioned by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In Bulgaria, the firm is being looked after by the Financial Supervision Commission (FCS).


To note, regulators that govern the European Union trading landscape are the strictest in the industry. 


What this tells its users is that Trading212 follows stringent checks and controls within the financial sector, assuring its clients that the firm cannot easily give its traders, literally, a run for their money. 


On top of that, Trading212 had been a runner-up to two online awards for the course of two years namely, the “Best Trading App 2019” and the “Best Trading App 2020”. Both of these awards had been given by online broker review site,


With its regulation status alone, parties interested in enlisting Trading212’s services are assured of safety and security. 

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Offers and Services


Accessible Trading Instruments


One of the things noteworthy of Trading 212’s offerings is its access to multiple markets, specifically CFD, Forex, Crypto, and Stocks.


To date, Trading 212 trades over 1800 assets, which includes 150 Foreign Currency Pairs, and wide selection of major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin. 


Alongside these assets, Trading 212 also allows access to Indices, Stocks, and Commodities.


Available Trading Account


Trading212 offers only one trading account type. What this means for traders is that they are given only one type of fee structure and leverage. The provision of only one trading account is in line with the company’s aim of trading democratization.


While this is the case, Trading 212 also offers what can be tagged as professional accounts. The regulated users are able to access higher leverages for protection. The more seasoned traders are the ones who are able to open these professional accounts as they have considerable trading experience, frequency, and capital. As this is the case, the professional accounts allow for more lucrative trades and wider markets.


For the more safe-playing traders, Trading 212 also offers a Demo Account that has simulated funds for simulated trades.


Offered Trading Platform


Trading 212 provides only the Trading 212 application for the launching and the monitoring of trades. The application has a number of features such as charts and technical analysis. 


One of the most loved features by its clients is its capability of executing many trades through different ways and the performance of multiple operations on the same trading pair at the same time. 


Spreads, Commissions, and Spreads


Trading 212 avails its clients of tight Spreads. The review team had noted that the most competitive in spreads are the cryptocurrencies. The table below details the offered Spreads:


GBPUSD2 pips
EURUSD1.2 pips
EURGBP1.2 pips


However, it is in Commissions that the firm excels in. Trading on all assets is commission free. 


Trading 212 does charge fees for conversion of currencies.


The leverage Trading 212 offers is at 1:300 for the more professional accounts. For retailers based in the European Union has their leverage capped at 1:30. 


Trading With Trading212


The points mentioned within this review indeed paint a positive picture for the brokerage, Trading 212. The following were noted and thought to be competitive by the review team:


  1. The firm’s regulatory status
  2. The efficiency of the firm’s own trading application
  3. The democratic orientation of the firm’s account provision


These are seen as advantageous by the review team. It is to their opinion that the brokerage firm, Trading 212, is one that an interested party would reap benefits from.