xCritical review: why is it a great addition to your brokerage company

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It does not matter whether you are a regular trader or an owner of a brokerage company. Both sides are always interested in using the best software available. However, sometimes it gets really difficult to understand whether the software provider is trustable or it is just another scam developer. Read our latest xCritical review to find out!


Why should you choose xCritical?

Although there are many “classic” applications like MetaTrader, they often do not provide the required amount of features and usability to be a good choice. The market does not have many options to offer, so people usually do not even search for an alternative. But what if there actually is something better?

xCritical is designed to provide the best user experience. The balance of features, simplicity, and usability makes this software a huge competitor for others. Moreover, it is suitable for both beginning traders and market professionals. This significantly broadens the number of people that can use the service.

Another significant advantage for traders is that the application cannot be tuned to “reduce profitability”. It works just like it should and there is no intentional slippage or freezing. These issues only depend on the user’s Internet connection. Therefore, the only possible way to truly lose funds is by trading badly.

xCritical reviews of customers 

The xCritical customer reviews are generally positive. Not many of them can be easily found on the Internet because the platform is not listed on rating websites like Trustpilot. However, if you regularly visit any trading forum, it is likely that you will find many real customers and brokerage services that recommend working with the service. Several examples will be listed below.

Andrei, Romania

“Trading while using xCritical is very comfortable. I have got all my analysis tools, required instruments, and needed information on one screen. The software is a great substitution to the old MT versions because it is used with a modern look on things. By the way, I saw some people asking about slippage and cheating within this platform. I have been using xCritical for more than a year and I can assure everyone that it is definitely a trustworthy option.”

Bianca, Hungary

“I have worked with several different trading platforms, so you might consider me to be an expert in this estimation. Personally, xCritical seemed to be the better choice among many other platforms. Right now, I only work with companies that use this software in their services. It is so comfortable! Everything you might need is found intuitively in the user-friendly interface. There are plenty of features and I did not manage to find a single issue within the app. Maybe, the only problem is that not many brokers actually want to try something new. Who knows?”

Mostly, the traders like the platform for its simplicity and convenience. They also point out that this is one of the applications where they can rest assured that their money will not be stolen by broker speculations. This is a frequent issue nowadays, so you must always make sure you work with secure companies.

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Is xCritical cheating its customers?

When a service frequently deceives its clients, this creates a negative reputation and nobody trusts it. This is not the case with our software although sometimes on the Internet you can find “xCritical cheating” or “xCritical scam”. In our xCritical review, we have questioned many traders and have analyzed the service to find any potential issues. It appears that there is completely nothing to be afraid about here. Customers have never been scammed by xCritical.

xCritical is regulated by the FCA, a reputable authority that is well-known in the industry. If this were a regular scam, the service would not be regulated by something like this. In addition, the company is registered in Cyprus and all the documentation is available on xCritical website. You can check it out at any time.

Finally, there were no issues where people complained about xCritical deceiving them. There literally is no possibility for the platform to steal your money because you work directly with the international markets. The service just makes it easy for you to buy or sell whatever you work with. Even if somebody claims that the service stole their money, these are more likely to be people who have no idea about how trading works.

Is the platform really that good?

xCritical does not boast about its features. The users do. People often write about the advantages of the service in comparison with its competitors. There really are more features, less issues, and the design is more attractive. The main idea here is usability, not just the picture of it. That is why people like working with it.

TAC Gadjets 1

The verdict

xCritical is a trustworthy service because it is regulated by reputable authorities, follows the European laws, provides high-quality service, and has many positive customer reviews. While writing our xCritical review, we have used the platform ourselves and we really recommend trading with it.

Although there might also be people who leave negative reviews about the service, it is unlikely that they are written by real customers or by people who know how to trade. They either skip the available trading lessons or just write fake reviews to promote their own services. In any case, make sure you analyze everything you read and evade being misinformed. More information can be found at xCritical official site.