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ADX Crossover Trading Strategy

The ADX Trend Indicator or Average Directional Movement Index Trend Indicator is a popular and useful tool known for its versatility. Many traders and investors use it to determine the strength of a particular asset’s market trend. Using this indicat... Read more

ADX Trend Indicator

The ADX Indicator (or the Average Directional Index) is an analysis tool that is widely utilized by traders all over to measure the strength of a current trend in the market, whether it’s an upward, downward, or trendless. While the ADX Indicator is ... Read more

What is ADX Trend Indicator?

The mid-direction index is a type of trend indicator that determines the strength of a trend, whether it is bullish or bearish. ADX is useful in analyzing charts as it measures how strong or weak a trend is.Trends occur only in 30% of cases on the ma... Read more


Gann trading strategy is a form of advanced technical analysis that expert traders may consider an advantageous approach once they have mastered the principles and practices of support and resistance. Introduced by W.D. Gann, he proposed that the mar... Read more

How to use Gann Indicators

Financial markets are in constant motion, so traders have to analyze data and then use appropriate trading strategies in their work. Gann's theory has helped many professionals increase revenue. It was developed by William Gann, a trader who lived in... Read more

Trading the Bounce from SR Levels

There are many trading strategies on Forex, but to find a really working strategy among them so that it makes a profit in the long term, this is a rather difficult task. However, there is a true working strategy that works at all times - this is trad... Read more