Is LimeFX Forex Broker a good choice for trading?

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There are thousands of brokerage services around the whole Internet. Not all of them are reliable services that let their customers make profits. There are many frauds who represent themselves like profitable companies, but in fact, they are regular scams. Read our LimeFX review to find out whether it is legit or not.


LimeFX review: important information

The first thing we have to check about this company is its registration. According to the information on the broker’s website, it is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Although this is an offshore zone, many real companies locate their headquarters here to pay smaller taxes. This makes it easier for the company and its traders to earn more money.

The second thing we should look at is the client accreditation. All real brokers require that their clients confirm their identities by providing several kinds of documents. Generally, this includes a passport, driver’s license, ID, and any other paper that proves your residence address. LimeFX has this system, so it is another plus for it.

The third thing we should estimate is the trading platform that is used by the broker. According to the information on the official website, LimeFX uses MT4 and XCritical software. These applications are the most famous choices in the industry, so it is a big plus for the company.

Also, we must have a look at the broker’s official website to estimate its usability. Our experts give is 7|10 because some of the information was hard to find. However, using the site was quite easy and comfortable. It did not lag and worked just like it had to.

is limefx forex broker a good choice for trading?

LimeFX customer reviews

Before you make any conclusions, you must read real LimeFX customer reviews to make sure that people are not deceived here. On the Web, there are a lot of fake opinions that are written by competitive websites, so it is better to ask some experienced traders on specialized forums. That is what we did. Here are some extracts of what people wrote about the company.

Dana, Germany

“LimeFX was my second brokerage company. The registration was very easy and my documents were checked in less than a day. Soon enough, the manager contacted me and asked whether I needed any assistance. He guided me through the platform and told me about some basic strategies. After that, I proceeded to trade on my own. In the first month, I earned 500$ clean money out of my investment. Basically, I managed to return my whole investment in one month and kept on trading with “virtual money”. Now I use the broker from time to time to buy some stocks and metals, mostly long-term investments. I regularly withdraw my money on the commission-free periods and it all works.”

Marco, Spain

“I am not a professional trader, some people might even say that I am a newcomer. I have been working in this field for 3 years, and only 1 of them was with LimeFX. What I liked about it were the tight spreads, low fees, and regular withdrawals. There are many welcome bonuses and interesting promotions. Moreover, there is no slippage at all. Slippage is a frequent feature with many companies and I am very glad that LimeFX has no issues with that.”

As you can see, people write positive reviews about working with LimeFX. You can find other opinions on your own if you want, just make sure they are written by real customers who actually worked with the broker. It is too easy to be deceived nowadays.

Is LimeFX a fraud?

Taking into consideration all the information from above, we may already conclude that LimeFX is a trustworthy broker that does not scam its clients. The company is regulated by reputable authorities, it is specially registered in an offshore zone to make the financial questions more profitable for its clients, and it provides very decent terms for all users.

If you want to learn more about trading, the company also provides a series of online lessons that explain how to prevent losses and make profits. This shows that it is actually interested in the profits of its clients because it receives a fixed reward from each trade. The more customers use LimeFX, the more profits it makes.

You might encounter some people who would write that LimeFX is a fraud that deceives its customers. Usually, these are either paid writers who try to promote a specific broker or people who have really lost their money. The latter often refuse to pass the service introduction with the manager and do not care about watching special online lessons that are created for them. This creates a series of unfortunate events where the customer losses his funds because of his own incompetence.

is limefx forex broker a good choice for trading?

Final thoughts

Basically, our LimeFX review covers all the points that are important to consider when choosing an online brokerage company. 

We recommend working with LimeFX because it has proven to be a trustworthy service that is not a scam. It has low fees and commissions, tight spreads, no slippage, regular withdrawals, and a ton of promotions. Moreover, the service uses modern trading solutions like MetaTrader 4. This will make the trading process for experienced clients even better.

Never forget to check the trustability of the customer reviews you read. Pay attention to the facts. It often appears that people write negative reviews about inexistent features or about managers who have never worked with the company. This shows that these people have never worked with LimeFX and are writing fake reviews. Stay safe!

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