PowerTrend 2021 Overview

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This review serves as an addition to the limited prtrend reviews online. As there is a scarcity of prtrend rezension on the web, it is only necessary to conduct a thorough assessment of this platform in terms of its functions and overall usability. This also aims to clarify malicious and false accusations against the broker including prtrend scam, pretend cheating, and prtrend scammers

PowerTrend brokerage firm is a newly introduced trading platform headquartered in Marshall Islands. According to PowerTrend’s official site, it has been an active provider of financial markets since 2013. Having been established just recently, it claims to service thousands of traders already as most of its features are rooted in ease of use and efficiency. By subscribing to this platform, traders are given optimum experience that exudes comfort, security, and convenience.

PowerTrend 2021 Overview


Forex Broker Power Trend Advantages 

Prtrend official site enumerates four salient reasons why their service stands ahead of its industry competitors. These features discussed below collaboratively contributed to the company’s ever-growing market visibility. 

  1. Wide Collection of Trading Tools- PowerTrend houses the most diverse financial tools, offering premium and tailor-made instruments for traders of all kinds. With over 100 tools, users are guaranteed to make the most out of trading. Also serving as reinforcements are economic calendars, analytics, and reports that will surely boost margin of profitability. 


  1. Real-Time Market Feed- The platform is designed to carry out live analytics. With its 24/7 availability, an increase in profits is ensured. Webinars are also offered, with their contents focused on the fundamentals of trading and other necessary knowledge such as technical know-hows. 

  • Generous Promotions and Bonuses- Forex broker prtrend offers unique trading bonuses, which may come helpful in boosting profit volumes. The provision of a 30% welcome bonus only indicates that it is a trader-centered platform. More so, it has been effective in keeping its user satisfaction by giving ready-made profit plan from an expert. 

  • Optimum Trading Platforms- PowerTrend is one of the few trading brokerages that offer a decent selection of platforms. From the popular MT4 to the recently developed xCritical, traders will surely enjoy a vast collection of signals, indicators, and order execution for an optimum trading experience.

Platform Selection 

MetaTrader 4- This third-party platform was introduced by MetaQuotes Software. To say, it is considered a revolutionary system as there is not much it cannot do. For one, it is designed to carry out hedging, which comes favorable for those who want to set limit and minimize financial risks. The system is also backed with its own programming language, making it easy for users to automate and personalize trades. 

The system was just recently integrated with a copy-trading feature, which allows its users to copy, study, and implement winning trades. Apart from this, it comes with a mobile counterpart that resolves issues of time restrictions and adaptability. With the provision of such, clients may now manage trades according to their preferred schedules. 

xCritical- Apart from being a trading platform, this external system may also be used for the overall work management. Providing multiple functions, it is guaranteed to bring efficiency and transparency in workplaces. Focusing on its trading platform, it has been tighter market adhesion for its compatibility. It also stands next to MT4 as one of the most generous providers of instruments. This does not fall short in terms of being client-oriented as the system may be translated into seven languages. 

PowerTrend 2021 Overview

Security and Legitimacy 

This financial firm, just like other brokers, has been receiving negative feedbacks due to issues of unreliability. If we are to look on the internet, there will be results about being scammed by PowerTrend.  More so, tags such as PowerTrend scam and PowerTrend scammers have been inflicting the business without substantial basis. As allegations of PowerTrend cheating were brought into threads and discussions, this section aims to denounce these misleading PowerTrend reviews by enumerating the pertinent documentations presented on PowerTrend website

Disclosed in these documents are the broker’s regulatory and legal information. Also provided is a section with contact details so that clients may place queries and further review the brokerage firm. PowerTrend also makes it a point to provide a comprehensive discussion of the overall process, conditions, and risks that clients may encounter after subscribing. These documents remain true and legally binding. These indicate that the brokerage firm is operating under legitimate and reliable terms. 

Client Attestations 

The conduct of this assessment demands for the presentation of both positive and negative aspects. As this is the case, here are two PowerTrend rezension that carry opposite and conflicting evaluations. 

 “I started trading with PowerTrend in 2015, and my profits surged to unprecented levels. Being in the trading industry for six years already, I can say that this broker is one of the few firms that offer legitimate trading services. To date, I can consider myself a professional trader and PowerTrend made this possible.” –Dorothea Doueverstap  

“Trading with PowerTrend did me a lot of losses. I also encountered multiple trading disadvantages including slow execution of orders. After a month of trading, I cancelled my subscription as I had trouble with prtrend log in. My account cannot be opened and the usual issue of prtrend sign in recurred even with the right password. I called the customer service, but it is unresponsive. I can tell, reports about PowerTrend scammers are true.“ -Rebekah Rodeup


Presented above are two conflicting reviews. This shows that users have varying experiences. Regardless of PowerTrend’s history and present undertaking, interested parties must first conduct a thorough review before registering. Make sure to visit prtrend website for more information.