Trade With TD Ameritrade Today, It’s Worth It!

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TD Ameritrade FX is praised by its patrons and outsiders alike for a couple of things. These include its asset offerings (with a special focus on Foreign currency exchange), various technical trading tools, and extensive trading education. These offerings are enough to invite anyone, especially those who are just beginning to establish their career in the trading industry. And it would indeed allow them great benefits should they choose to sign up.


But of course, these remain to be claims until tested.


As this is the case, these claims are taken into consideration in the development of this short review. And when we say consideration, what it means is that we had tested the offerings for our own alongside a number of others that constitute TD Ameritrade’s over-all capability. It is to the aim of the review team to come up with a holistic and exhaustive assessment of the firm’s services so as to help those thinking to enlist the help of the brokerage make a decision.

trade with td ameritrade today, it’s worth it!

All About TD Ameritrade


The brokerage, TD Ameritrade is one of the longest-running and seasoned financial institutions being established in 1955. Throughout its tenure, the firm had observed the sanctions of multiple regulatory authorities which include the IIROC, the SFC, MAS, FCA, and the CFTC. The regulatory status, alongside its years of existence accounts for the legitimacy of the firm, assuring its clients of legal transactions through the services of the firm each and every time.


TD Ameritrade’s long industry existence is also a testament to its flexibility and adaptability to the changes of the trading terrain. This makes them conducive to all traders from, all walks of life and generation.


TD Ameritrade and Its Many Offers and Services


It could not be stressed further that TD Ameritrade makes its clients privy to multiple advantages. These are owed primarily to three pertinent things: the accessible tradable instruments, the trading software the company provides, and the educational tools that its clients are given.


Asset Classes


As of writing, the firm offers assets that are mainstream in the trading industry like Forex. The pairs that are made available through the firm amount to 73.


Alongside Forex, TD Ameritrade also opens the ETF market to its users. The assets traded in these markets are Options and Futures on select currencies. Among the other Futures the firm includes are Interest Rates, Metals, and Stock Indices just to mention a few.


Bitcoin traders would be thrilled to know that TD Ameritrade allows for BTC Futures transactions or Grayscale’s Bitcoin Investment Trust, while the underlying asset has yet to be offered. The firm plans on doing this in the long run through its exchange called ErisX, its clearing organization.


On top of this, TD Ameritrade also allows for Social Trading through its own trading platform.


Available Trading Software


TD Ameritrade offers its very own trading platform, Thinkorswim. It is available through two iterations: the web and the desktop platform. The web platform, is admittedly  easier to navigate through; it is user friendly in that it is highly-intuitive. The charts bear only 11 indicators , something that makes it easy for manipulation and use, unlike its desktop counterpart. It has watchlists that can be customized. The web platform also avails clients of options and strategies that are default to the online software.


The desktop counterpart, while equally-efficient, is seen as relatively heavier with the consumption of resources. The indicators here amount to an impressive 77 and has the capability of recognizing 80 common chart patterns. Plus, the charts are editable in that the creation of candlesticks are possible.


Either way, the use of the Thinkorswim platform would prove beneficial to clients given its notable features. The client need only make a choice between what would make it more convenient for him or her to use at a given point in time.


TD Ameritrade also makes mobile trading possible for traders who are always on the go. The application reflects all the features that are seen on the web and desktop platform. Charting, wtachlists, and technical indicators are just as easy to view and use through the application.




TD Ameritrade serves its clients well through its provision of a wide range of educational materials that aims at laying out what novice traders should know. The firm provides tools such as data streams and an economic calendar.


Articles on trading also play a crucial role in the firm’s educational arm. The plethora of written material come from actual TD Ameritrade staff and other freelance personnel that have obviously been writing financial-related articles for a considerable time. This adds to the appeal of the firm’s services.

trade with td ameritrade today, it’s worth it!

TD Ameritrade: A Truly Reliable Brokerage


Needless to say, trading with TD Ameritrade is a brokerage that traders can trust. The tenure and the regulation alone are enough to guarantee users of the legitimacy of the firm and the apparent returns that they are privy to.


It is with confidence that the review team recommend that the trader look into signing up for the firm’s services.

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