2021- An Online Trading Platform Assessment

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AtlImage, a binary options exchange website, is owned by the Regents Business Group. It was originally known as before being renamed in 2013. The rebranding was part of a long-term expansion plan aimed at acquiring a greater share of the financial exchange market. This was considered a victory when the company’s subscriptions rose, with over one million clients reported as of this writing.

To satisfy its growing market momentum, the company has opened new offices in Japan and Malaysia. It is known to include a diverse selection of asset groups across a number of classes, including Foreign Exchange and Contracts for Differences. Its secure and reliable platform, authoritative learning materials, and comparatively low fees have helped it become a highly sought-after brokerage firm.

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Account Selection 

The broker only provides two accounts, as opposed to the normal three to five. Although this scope could be limited for those seeking a broader range of options, the broker has incorporated almost all of the resources required to promote a competitive trading environment.  Apart from its virtual and standard accounts, it’s worth noting that its MT5 account has a separate set of trading conditions. It was only added in 2019, and it has cutting-edge technologies with a higher profit margin.

Negating Trading Risk 

  The broker guarantees that customers consider both the possible advantage and the probable cost when purchasing a contract as binary options carry a high degree of volatility. Upon choosing a reward, the computer calculates the required stake in order to buy the deal on your behalf. Just the initial stake will be cancelled, and the stake can never be lifted.

This brokerage firm integrated a section that thoroughly discusses proper trading habits. It deliberately enumerates the risks of purchasing binary options, while it provides suggestions on how to invest safely. More impressively, also assists its clients in establishing trading limits or self-exclusion from those activities.  Certain parameters may be set depending on how much money one can trade or lose in a given period of time, how long you can trade in a single online session, and even how long you can go without visiting the website. Self-exclusion, on the other hand, requires a period of six months. You can place a restriction on yourself by calling or sending a text message. 

Market Analysis

The platform sends out a weekly newsletter that provides market-related news from around the world, in-depth analyses of recent developments in the most common currency pairs, forecasts for upcoming events that which impact markets, and a trading advisory. The broker also provides a weekly market update and weekly trading signals, the latter of which is provided through videos from a group of professional financial analysts and established traders. 2021- An Online Trading Platform Assessment

 Education and Research Section 

If we were to rate’s most impressive feature, it would certainly be its research and education component. Price updates, trading signals, an economic calendar, calculators, and a commentary are the five categories that make up the Research area. Although its real-time market alerts are the most dependable feature in this segment, other features are a letdown, including an empty economic calendar. 

Feature posts, guides, a glossary, and a Frequently-Asked-Question segment are also used to reinforce the educational section. The Trading Academy, which houses written material, and videos, is the most laudable. It primarily offers the basics of investing as well as other technical expertise that clients need to understand prior to investing in markets.

 Customer Support 

Customer support is a top priority of It also places the interests of its consumers first. Furthermore, the broker devotes itself to providing services and products that render all customers with the best possible trading experience.

For posting requests and sending queries, has a range of choices. It has a functioning feedback channel that includes a phone number, social media accounts, and Reddit bots. The company still has a ticketing section, which may be helpful if there are any logistical difficulties. To say the least, the most exciting aspect is the Live Chat feature, which offers real-time customer support.

 Conclusion tops the list of the world’s best binary options provider. In line with this, it was the first to deliver a diverse variety of trading conditions. The firm also has a long history of innovation as attested by its optimum and highly acclaimed services. To conclude, it is unquestionably a trustworthy and legitimate platform as all of the aforementioned features are considered. Its diverse platform offerings, remarkable asset range, and swift customer support attest to its high quality of service, making it a brokerage firm worth investing in.